What to Know

Getting There

Sometimes Apple Maps puts you down the road. USE GOOGLE MAPS and LOOK FOR A BIG SIGN OUT FRONT. If using Apple Maps type “AT THE SHIRE” instead of the physical adress. 

again… LOOK FOR SIGN “OverDoseOnLuv” on Four Notch Road (Also called FM 2929) between Old Phelps Road and South Forest Rd.

Feel Free to Bring:

Folding chairs


Water only (no outside food, drinks, or alcohol. Don’t worry, Franny’s bringing the bar)

Live art supplies (yes, you can do live art if you want)

Flow toys (poi/ hula hoops/ spin staffs)

cash/cards (each vendor is different, be prepared to buy awesome creations!)

ID for Alcohol

Good Vibes

Good Friends

No Pets Allowed

PARKING IS LIMITED!  Arrive Early and Car Pool with your homies. We’re only a few minutes from Huntsville so use those ridesharing apps like Uber and Lyft and help save the environment. 

We can’t wait to see you. It’s going to be a Lovely Day!